Clip articles to Evernote in iOS Safari without the clutter

Capturing articles is sometimes hard in iOS, especially to get them clutter free, similar to what the Evernote Clipper can do to clean up websites before dumping them to your notebooks.

You can avoid this for most sites by tapping and activating the Reader feature in Safari’s Omnibar.

iOS 6 and earlier on top and iOS 7 on bottom

Once the article loads, tap the Share button and choose Mail.

Sharing an article in iOS 7

Sharing an article in iOS 6 and earlier

You will get a clean article view that you can then send to your Evernote email address and it will include the source URL at the top. There are many more fancy things you can do when emailing articles (or anything else) into Evernote as well as lots of good information in their knowledgebase article and this blog post so read up on those if you use the feature a lot. This also will work in Mac OS X if you happen to need it but with how good the Evernote Clipper for Safari is, it is rarely something I use on the laptop.

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