Apple’s file system problem on iOS

Apple has notoriously avoided implementing a file system on iOS, and for good reason. Most people who use computers find the file system to be their biggest stumbling block. I consider myself to be pretty good with technology and it’s getting kind of old to me, too. I find I usually just search for a file now, instead of intricately sorting it in a beautiful file struture I’ve meticulously maintained. During the WWDC announcement Apple demonstrated a new tagging feature that is coming to the next Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks release. This tagging system allows you to tag from predefined or personalized tags that categorize your documents and files as you need to, much like Gmail does for email. By tagging files instead you can sort searches quickly and also assign files multiple tags, something impossible with folders.

Which got me thinking, why doesn’t Apple do a tag based file system for iOS that syncs over iCloud and removes the need to implement a fully fledged file system? It seems to answer the problem in the simplest form and it would have a basis to sync with OS X. I’m still not sure where that would fit in on iOS. Would you get an App to search through everything? The current method where files are sandboxed in with their Apps makes it difficult to move and manage data between applications without duplicating them and defeating the whole idea of syncing.

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