Hope for Mavericks

Some things I would like to see in Mac OS 10.9

After nearly half a decade, I’ve had the fortune to play around with a Mac again and it has been great! I’ve missed tooling around on one and it feels like coming back home. No hyperbole there, this is where I truly belong. But in my hiatus from the Apple platform, a lot has changed. The Notes app is here, just like on my iPad.I have my Reminders and the rest of the gang. But Mavericks is on the way and everyone is very excited, including myself. So here’s what I would like to see changed.


Everyone’s favorite design word these days. I for one, do not have a big problem with it if done right. There is a bit of comfort in the playful notepad I can type in on my screen, something Apple is known for. But skeuomorphism should not be done at the expense of functionality. The biggest gap is in Notes where you can do just that, type notes. Sure it syncs with iCloud but opening TextEdit, the long time built-in rich-text editor on the Mac, and you quickly start to wonder what Apple was thinking with notes. So my suggestion is this, tone down the leather while adding in the functionality. And that’s not just for Notes but anywhere in the OS that can be applied. Apple is best when they create something that everyone can use quickly and easily. The software and hardware fade into the background so one can simply get to creating content or getting work done.


I want everything in one Cloud. I’ve used a patchwork of solutions to get what I want done while doing so at bottom dollar. And I don’t think I’m alone in this. Most people don’t pay for online cloud services, in my opinion, for whatever the reason. But they do use them to sync files and have consistent data across their devices. And that is really what I want to see out of iCloud. A solution that does it all and is flexible so that it meets everyone’s needs. Make a version that is robust enough that the power users don’t feel left out. I’m asking for a lot from Apple as they do not like to get into this pro market as of late but they don’t have a choice if they want people to keep their data with them and stay current with the numerous startups vying for a piece of the action. After all this hubbub about the NSA listening in on us, I want to get my tin-foil hat out and lock down my stuff with a company that isn’t going to leak my information and Apple seems to me to be a good choice [not the only choice but a good one].

Slim down

Get rid of the Dashboard. Why is it still in OS X? I was kind of surprised to find it, honestly. It was a fantastic (albeit, a resource hog) addition to the OS back when it was released and it looked like web apps of this kind would rule the day. Now we live in an App dominated world, thanks largely to Apple and it’s time to de-clutter the interface.

De-clutter the interface

Speaking of which, there seems to be a lot of bloat in Mac OS. After living off an iPad for several years when not on a company PC, Mac OS feels bloated. I know I just opined on the need for power-user iCloud features, but seriously, look at Mountain Lion and tell me there isn’t too much going on. Get this under control quickly and find the bare minimum options. Don’t be dumb and bring back Save As, as the complaint was last go around. But do get this under control and unify the experience across the board for all apps and interfaces.

So those are my issues, my hopes, and my dreams for the next version of Apples Mac OS. I can’t wait to see if any of this comes to pass. I know there are a bunch of developers out there playing right now (under gag-orders) and hopefully I’m right about some of this. I’ll find out at release I guess. What do you want to see next?

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