Traffic: Posterous vs. Blogger

I’ve noticed an interesting trend since I’ve started using Posterous. Every thing I do in Posterous generates so much more traffic than anything else I use. Now, I am by no means a highly read blogger.  I’m not even consistent, which is evident by the screen shots below.  But what is interesting though is my post’s generate a whole lot more traffic when using Posterous.  What is even more interesting is it seems viewer ship is also up on those sites’s I post to.


Posterous Traffic


Blogger Traffic

There are two reasons for this in my opinion, first, I find Posterous is so simple posting things is fun and therefore I post more often.  Second, I post everywhere with the services and because it’s all automated and the process by which I post to these services is centralized it is again easier and more fun.

By posting more often I get more hits and drive up the numbers. Posting is quick, either via email, text, or bookmarklet (I generally use the bookmarklet for sharing content and email for generated content such as this post).

Anyone else notice this trend with their own experiences? Anyone use a different solution?  Comment on it below!

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  • Lin-Li Ng

    Hi Brian, I’m new to more serious blogging, and started posting on posterous recently as well. Each time I post, the page gets read 10-20 times, which is way more than my blogger post. So you are spot on with your observation! I think its also cos I linked the page to Facebook..which helps a bunch. have fun in the blogosphere..

  • John

    I’m wondering the same thing. I’ve been having a tossup between Blogger and WordPress, and have the same blog on both sites. Then along came Posterous which can update both, so now I have one blog with two mirrors! So far, I’ve received only one comment from someone I don’t know, and that was thanks to the way puts links to similar blogs under each post. I don’t know how Posterous compares on as far as spidering. As easy and clean as Posterous is, I wish it had all of the great widgets of Blogger. For now, I may just keep all three!

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